hello, welcome to the web finds page! here, you'll find all manner of treats connecting my website to the wider web - including buttons that i like, nice looking stamps, cool graphics, and information about my website's place in the wider web! you're free to take as many graphics as you'd like for your own site - i'd just prefer that you not hotlink, thanks! where it is available, credits for graphics will be provided as title text.

think of this page as a little souvenir collection - a record of my time on the personal internet. i hope i can help you find some cool sites!

toybox - place for little adoptables others have made
buttons - distinctive 88x31 images that i enjoy
stamps - larger images/gifs that are pretty
blinkies - annoying blinky images that are stupid & dumb
neighborhood - fanlistings, cliques, webrings, oh my! also sites that i like and why i like them
graphics - images i think are cool and might use later, and you can too!
for the full list of sites i like with buttons, check out the cool sites page.


these are adopts that i've taken from other sites!

this is div numba 2

welcome to stamp hell

this is div numba 4
this is div numba 5
this is div numba 6

don't hotlink please :( that would be bad
vast majority of stuff on this site is not mine